Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Notes from 12/27

12/27: I went skiing all day and have 67 emails to post. And, oh god, the Twitters. Will work on it. Thanks! And, yes, I am hoping to make this more user friendly soon (i.e. search/sort by airport or date &c.). Lots of interesting information coming in though. I love the internet. Thanks to the person who pointed out the typo of "incidates" which has been fixed, too :)

Also, please remember to include the date you flew in updates.

Okay, I've alphabetized the list.

And I might need a fifth status: scanners installed and in use, but it's possible to avoid them. If I do that, I'd add blue, so that we'd have the good old Homeland Security Threat Level color scheme. I must do this. I have.

I also added quotes from contributors.

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