Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do we have an ethical obligation to correct incompetence

One of my favorite columns (albeit less so with the departure of Randy Cohen) is the Times Magazine's The Ethicist. The most recent column dealt with, guess what, the TSA. Basically, a guy keeps getting the SSSS on his boarding pass which tells the screeners to give him the extra-special grope. (Let's not get in to the argument of how silly it is to be telling people, by means of SSSS on their boarding pass, that they are going to be screened.) In any case, some guy is finding that the SSSS on his pass is not always noticed. Should he point out this incompetence?

The ethicist was pretty non-commital. I say: it's silly to be printing this on your boarding pass. How about printing them at home, photoshopping out the SSSS if necessary, and not having to deal with it anymore. Yeah, that sounds good.

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