Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Has anyone unknown to you …"

We recently posted about the TSA asking passengers questions in an attempt at using behavior detection. The verdict? Good in theory. In practice: likely not.

Well, it turns out the first airport to implement this is BOS. And guess who is flying out of BOS in the next few weeks? This guy. Maybe. Although, perhaps I should run a little experiment and print out a boarding pass using the Photoshop and go have a little fun. All it might cost me is a couple of subway fares.

In any case, according to the article, the questions are along the lines of "how long have you been here?" and "where are you going?" It seems like what you get asked when you cross the Canadian border (we could talk about the intrusion of privacy, although you can just as easily lie). And the questions seem slightly less inane than what the baggage handlers were mandated to ask until the middle of the last decade: "Has anyone unknown to you asked you to carry anything for them."

The answer to that question was, of course: "If someone had asked me to carry something, then they would be known to me, moron."

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  1. I always loved, "Has anyone handled your baggage (or put something into your luggage) without your knowledge?"

    ...How would I know?!